PEOPLE: Photographer Jackie Smith Finch of Yellow Finch Photography

Pictures! Aren’t they wonderful? Photography has come so far since the camera was invented. Seriously though, we’ve gone from this –

to THIS – Nikon D5 Camera which costs $6,496.95

Nikon D5

There are so many talented photographers out there, which makes it hard to know who to choose for your special photos! I’d like to recommend a friend of mine, let me introduce you to Jackie Smith Finch of Yellow Finch Photography!


Here is the Q&A with Jackie:

Heidi: How would you describe your photography style?

Jackie: I would describe my photography style as interactive and full of life. At least this is what I am always trying to achieve. I love capturing real emotion!

Heidi: What makes you different from other photographers?
Jackie: I think there are a lot of photographers who are always trying to force emotion in the wrong way to get a “perfect” shot, which to me sometimes lacks feeling. And there are some on the other side of the spectrum who are so focused on the emotion but simply don’t guide their clients at all which can leave the images lacking, and their client might not like the way they look in their photos. I like to stay in the middle of these two examples.
Heidi: What sparked your desire to study photography and become a professional photographer?
Jackie: For some reason I was always attracted to photography. I simply love photographs. I remember being a child and youth and just having such a love for photos. I always thought it would be super cool to be a photographer. Once I graduated high school I realized that I could make it a possibility and not just a dream.
Heidi: What is your advice to aspiring photographers?
Jackie: Don’t be down on yourself if you’re not getting your images to look the way you want them to (although I still do this at times!). Keep practicing, learning and applying what you learn. You will keep getting better! Very important: You can’t learn everything all at once, nor can you learn it all from reading online or studying photography. You have to EXPERIENCE. You will learn from your own mistakes and successes more than you know!
Heidi: What is your ultimate dream camera to own?
Jackie: The 5D Mark 4, which I actually just got a week ago!! I’m very excited.
Heidi: Where are some places in the world where you would love to take pictures?
Jackie: Oh gosh, anywhere! I would be grateful to take pictures anywhere I have the opportunity to go. I will say though, I think wildlife photographers around the world have a pretty cool job!
Heidi: What were some of the obstacles you faced when becoming a photographer and your advice for those who might be facing similar obstacles in their career?
Jackie: For me it was lighting. I didn’t get it. I was never taught about lighting and I was just going along wondering why my pictures looked so bad. I finally learned about light and it was like, duh! I think it comes more naturally to some people. But if it doesn’t, learn as much about lighting as you can! I’m still learning!
Heidi: What motivates you?
Jackie: My children! They grow so fast and life moves even faster! It’s hard to remember and cherish every moment, every phase they go through, every chapter in your life. I love the thought of looking back 20, 30, 50 years from now and seeing these pictures I take of my kids and our family to help us remember and to be able to cherish! This also leads me to want to capture that for others. To give them a gift that they will treasure for a lifetime! To me, it’s one of the more priceless gifts.
Heidi: How did you come up with the name for your business?
Jackie: It’s really simple actually. I didn’t want to just use my full name because there are so many photographers out there and another boring name can get mixed in with the rest of them. My photography teacher suggested choosing something else, that will make it easier for someone to remember. But I did think of using my last name and playing with it a little since Finch is a bird. I like the color yellow and think people associate it with happy, positive feelings. So I went with Yellow Finch. And my artist friend, Cindy Bean was able to design me the perfect logo of a little bird, which I love!
Heidi: How would you like to see your business grow?
Jackie: I would just love to continue having my clients come back to me and continue to get new clients every year! And of course, I’d love to keep improving my skills and confidence as a photographer.
Heidi: What else are you passionate about?
Jackie: I’m passionate about health, running, traveling, motherhood and family.

Please enjoy learning more about Jackie and Yellow Finch Photography, by visiting her FB page here: and her website:

Thank you Jackie!

Below you can see some of Jackie’s favorite photos she has taken:

Jackie 1Jackie 2Jackie 3Jackie 4Jackie 5


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