THING: Preppercon – Could you survive more than 438 days lost at sea? He did…

I don’t know if I could – but this man did! He survived 438 days lost at sea!


(Photo credit:

His name is Salvador Alvarenga, from El Salvador. He was a shark hunter, and he ended up lost at sea with another young man who tragically lost his life early on. Salvador endured through 438 days until finally bumping into the Marshall Islands. He endured by eating birds, fish, and other things as well as drinking not only his own urine but also the blood of the animals.

I am very inspired by his endurance! As a religious person myself, I am very happy to read that he relied a lot upon God to help him. I’m also glad to see the way that experience shaped his decisions after he made it back to his home land. The article I found on CNN says he is focused on improving family relationships and he is “absolutely a grateful man”.

If you think about it, it’s true – when it’s a matter of life and death, what matters most? Family.

It seems this great trial he experienced humbled him so much, to the point that he had the great humility to seek a better relationship with his once abandoned daughter. Also, the gratitude with which he now lives must bring him so much happiness and satisfaction in life. Gratitude is powerful!

Alvarenga was there, at Preppercon. I wasn’t able to listen to him because of the time we left the event (and I would have loved to listen to him for many reasons, one of which is that he speaks Spanish and so do I and that would have been cool to listen to him and maybe even get the chance to speak to him in his native language) but my sweet mother was able to listen to him and the translator, and she told me and my husband his amazing true story.

Well, Preppercon (an event that features all kinds of ways to be prepared for anything and everything, aka a survival extravaganza) was a great experience!
You quickly and clearly learn that the most important things to survival are: clean water, food, first-aid, shelter, protection and more! There were so many exhibits to see and I learned a lot! I’m going to share some pictures of some of my favorite exhibits!

First, WATER. Water is ESSENTIAL to survival! There is so much water on this planet, right? What’s the big deal? Well… it is a big deal! Having clean water – Essential. Storing water – Essential. Here were some of the exhibits:

Water Basics Water Basics

This bottle looks great, has an awesome filter that can filter up to 120 gallons of water, and it has “high risk protection” meaning not only does it remove bacteria but also viruses! I’ll take it!

The next great water exhibit was quite interactive, take a look at Hydroblu! Please enjoy the video of my dear Argentine husband as he bravely drinks water that goes from disgusting to crystal clear! Would you drink it!?

So brave. 🙂

For my naturalist friends, you’ll love to see this exhibit: Medicinal Herbs for Survival!

Medicinal Herbs for Survival.jpg

Now, FOOD. You may have heard of 72 hour kits? Some people make their own, others buy from a store, this one seemed great to us because it is very affordable and compact! Check out this 4 person 72 hour kit for only $135!

There were also some exhibits that spread awareness about freeing children from sex trafficking. My husband bought one of their t-shirts, which says “Freedom For All” by Operation Underground Railroad! This is a wonderful organization!

Another important aspect of survival is being able to take care of medical needs! These are not your typical first aid kits that have a few bandaids and some gauze. These were some crazy amazing medical packs, we’re talking if someone suffers from a big wound, there is this special liquid used in the military that is in this pack that you just pour on the open wound and it stops the bleeding!

Say hello to Medical Vanguard!

Now what about Clothing!? Fortress Clothing is very good! This apparel will keep you warm, even when you are in WET and COLD conditions!

Fortress Clothing.jpg

For you gardeners, take a look at this! Turboganic!

Now this is very important for all ladies! How to handle hygiene issues when in survival mode out in the wilderness?? Some awesome ladies have designed just the things to help! We’re talking reusable (washable) pads, which can also be used as diapers for babies, or medical grade silicone cups instead of tampons which free us from the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Now my last, but one of my Favorites, (Humanitarian) is Nurturing Nations!
This organization helps rescue and keep safe, children in Ghana who are considered cursed for having special needs. Founded by Laura Belk in the picture with all the children, this organization assures that 100% of donations go toward doing what the organization says it does, so no funds will go toward any travel fees of volunteers for example. You can support them by visiting or on Facebook at

This was a great convention to attend and I hope we can all be as best prepared as possible!


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