PEOPLE: The crew at The Wonderment

I Love The Wonderment!

I’m going to tell you some of my favorite things about it!

First, take a look at their site, it’s awesome:

And here’s their Facebook Link to Like and Follow them:

Their mission? “The Wonderment is a platform where kids can meet, share and collaborate creatively on a global level and even make tangible impact for good in the world.”

It’s Creative. It’s Humanitarian. It’s Progressive. It makes a big Impact. It’s Educational. It’s Interactive. It’s Empowering. I feel like I won’t do it justice by my own words, so please Please visit their site and FB page. You won’t be disappointed!

One of their projects included painting buses inside and out making them basically magical and so imaginative, and turning them into these mobile libraries for kids!

They work to help kids, and refugees and even help to provide clean drinking water!

Honestly, there is nothing the Wonderment can’t do, which is a beautiful message that reflects the truth about kids: They can do anything!

I hope you can show The Wonderment your love and support. It truly is worth supporting!



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