PEOPLE: Cotopaxi

The People/Person I’d like to share about today are the ones from Cotopaxi!

First, here is their site, where you can see what they are all about:

and I hope you can like and follow them on Facebook!

But I’ll tell you the main things that impress me about them!

First, their slogan says it all “GEAR FOR GOOD“. They are a company that is about making conscious efforts to reduce waste while making things that are useful and fun, and employing people in

“fair, sustainable working conditions”.

That is so important to me, when people treat others like PEOPLE. We are all important and we all need to be treated with kindness and respect.

Cotopaxi promotes active lifestyles! They also have a Good Deeds section that says:

“Each year, we provide targeted grants to nonprofits. Whether it’s volunteering at local farms or helping install irrigation pumps in Myanmar, we’re committed to helping eradicate poverty.”

Back to the part about reducing waste – we live in such a beautiful world, and isn’t it great when companies respect our earth and strive to reduce waste? One of the things I think is fun and cool about Cotopaxi is that their gear comes in all sorts of colors, things are literally made from different colored pieces of material put together. It’s so bright and unique! You remember going camping as a kid, in those really boring and unattractive sleeping bags? Well Cotopaxi’s sleeping bags for example are far from unattractive and boring! All the color shouts LIFE and isn’t getting out into nature an important part of living!?

I really am glad that Cotopaxi exists. There is so much more to them, I’ll let you discover it by checking out their site and their FB page.

Thanks Cotopaxi crew!


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